Car Brake Repair

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Car Brake Repair

Car Brake Repair   | Nard's Automotive - Kingsport, TN

No matter how you choose to operate your car, your brakes will eventually wear down and require replacement or repair. Here at Nard’s Automotive in Kingsport, TN, we specialize in all types of car brake repair and replacement.

Car brake repair is essentially a simple process that can be described in three steps.

• Determine Damaged Areas—From worn brake pads to damaged brake rotors, our professional staff is experienced in determining which brake components are in need of replacement or repair. Once the worn component is discovered, we will immediately begin finding a replacement for your vehicle.

• Replacing/Repairing Damaged Components—As soon as the damaged component is found, our staff begins removing it so that installation or repair can take place. Once the repair or replacement is completed, our expert staff will reassemble your vehicle in no time at all!

• Quality Assurance—Once all of the parts are in the vehicle, our experienced staff will test your brakes to make sure that they meet or exceed the manufacturer’s standards for your vehicle.

Throughout the car brake repair process, our ASE Certified auto repair technicians will meet the high car brake repair standards set by Nard’s Automotive in order to provide the highest quality result to our customers. Our team will restore a car’s brakes to original condition or better, guaranteed!