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Car Engine Repairs

Car Engine Repairs  | Nard's Automotive - Kingsport, TN

To put it simply, engine damage is serious, but many consumers are unaware of the options that they have when it comes to car engine repair. When an engine dies, a lot of people assume that it cannot be fixed without extreme expense and choose to buy a new vehicle over getting the engine repaired. This is often an unwise course of action as engine damage, while it seems intimidating at first glance, is often less serious than it appears and can be easily fixed.

Nard’s Automotive in Kingsport, TN is equipped to deal with any engine damage situation. Professionally installed state-of-the-art equipment is utilized by our ASE-certified master technicians and, by utilizing cutting edge techniques, they are able to effectively repair and reconstruct almost any damaged engine. Whether it is a minor fluid leak, or a damaged cylinder wall, Nard’s Automotive has got you covered!

Car engine repairs can be broken down into a simple process with a few easily explained steps. The first step is to determine the source of the problem. Here at Nard’s Automotive, we utilize cutting-edge diagnostic techniques to ensure quick discovery of the problem, which save you, our customer, both time and money!

The next step is to repair or replace the damaged engine component, which is sometimes as simple as replacing a hose! The final step in car engine repair is to make sure that the rest of the engine is in good condition, so that future engine damage can be avoided.

Nard’s Automotive utilizes cutting-edge technology and techniques to repair a damaged engine. We will confirm that the performance of the repaired engine meets the standards set by the manufacturer before we return the vehicle to its owner. Often, the repaired engine performs better than the manufacturer’s due to upgraded components that were not available when engine was originally constructed!

Here at Nard’s Automotive, when we receive a car with a damaged engine, we treat it like we would treat our personal vehicles, so that the customer is always satisfied with the result.

Car engine repairs don’t have to be intimidating. Perhaps you want a leak fixed, or a broken belt replaced. Nard’s Automotive accepts engine damage of all types, and we are prepared to meet all of your car engine repairs, satisfaction guaranteed!